Water Administration Billing Department

The Water Administration Billing Department is responsible for calculating water service charges. The department has two full-time clerks and two meter readers.

To establish water service, contact the Water Administration Billing Department for information. You will also need to pay a service deposit. This can be done at City Hall.

Your water payment and late fees are as follows:

Bill is due: 15th of each month (normally)

$5 Late Fee: 16th of each month

*Residents need to check the due dates on their bill to ensure the correct dates.

If you are having a problem making a payment, please contact us. You may always make payments in the night drop located in the front of City Hall.

Kim Calhoun – Billing Admin

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Thursday 8am to 5pm
Fridays – 8am to 12pm

After hours water emergency number is 346-370-2959.

Forms and Documents

**PLEASE BE AWARE THAT AS PER CITY ORDINANCE 2017-A, “After the effective date hereof, no person shall drill a water well within the corporate limits of the City of Liverpool, except as hereinafter provided, or unless such water will is being drilled by a federal, state, county, municipal government or other political subdivision.  No person shall operate, use maintain, repair, or replace any water well drilled in violation of this ordinance.”

For the full copy of the ordinance you may contact City Hall at 281-581-2342.**

Just a reminder that with the freezing weather, please be sure to take care of you water pipes.  If there is a water pipe that does bust, the after hours number is 346-370-2959.