Liverpool City Council

The mission of the Mayor and City Council of the City of Liverpool is to establish the goals and objectives of the City in order to provide the highest level of service to all customers, citizens, visitors, and staff with professionalism and efficiency.

Serving as a City Council member is one of the most demanding-and rewarding-tasks that a citizen can perform. City government is the voice of the community and, as leaders of Liverpool, the Mayor and City Council are responsible for policy-making decisions that have a substantial impact on the daily lives of Liverpool citizens.

As the governing body of Liverpool, the City Council establishes the City’s annual program of service by adopting the budget and exercises regulatory power by adopting rules, regulations, laws and formal policies. The Council identifies the needs of the City and its citizens and provides direction to the City Manager and City staff to meet those needs while considering and maximizing the available resources.

Each Council member is elected ‘at large’ and serves the citizens of the entire City.

Marie Middleton
Philip Loving
Arthur Fuhrmann
Roland Agrella
Nancie Bailly