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Welcome to the Liverpool Branch of The United States Postal Service

This page has been designed and setup by the City of Liverpool, Texas in cooperation with the Official Liverpool Branch of the United States Postal Service (USPS). All of the information currently contained here has been provided by a Postmaster of the USPS. The City of Liverpool wishes that you, the community, have your own portal to find official information about your local branch and the full services of the USPS. On this page we hope to provide you with helpful information you need to find whatever you are looking for concerning the USPS.

Below you will find a link to the official USPS site and many other helpful information sections including a "Meet Your Local USPS Representatives" section.

Unites States Postal Service

The link above will take you to the Official site containing everything you could ever want to find out about the USPS. Eveything from buying Stamps, supplies to ship packages, stamp collecting information, and even the History of the USPS all the way back to the First Postmaster General Benjamin Franklin.

Do you know that your local Post Office has a unique place in History all it's own? There is a plaque on a pole infront of the building stating the historic signifigance of our local branch. Stop and read it sometime when you have a minute and then realize how by using this branch you are supporting it's place in history. Everytime you use our local branch you are reaffirming it's place in history and the City of Liverpool & the USPS would like to Thank You for your support!

Helpful Links of the USPS

Need a passport? Click here to find out how to apply for one at a Post Office near you.

Need some mailing supplies? Click here to check out the USPS Store where you can shop securely online.

The symbols that you see below are all symbols that have in the past or are currently representing the United States Postal Service. Symbols like these are the ones you think of most of the time when you think of the Post Office, but what about the many things you forget about that represent the Postal Service in this Country. I am speaking about the many thousands of Postal Employees, various packaging materials, tons of mail sent and received every year and especially the stamps that we use to send that mail.


All of the information contained on this site is provided as a public service by the City of Liverpool. The City makes every effort to insure that all the information provided is correct.
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